Instructional Framework


The goals of Boy’s Lab includes providing a learning environment that 1) allows all scholars the opportunity to develop a balanced approach to learning by strengthening their verbal, spatial, kinesthetic, auditory, and iconic skills, 2) provide a place where scholars can explore different ways of learning to expand their learning skills, and 3) provide an atmosphere where scholars are the stars. 


This is accomplished by providing a rigorous curriculum that is guaranteed and viable. Only research-based curricula have been selected for use in our classroom, and scholars will be exposed to instructional strategies that foster differentiation and personalization of our scholars’ learning experiences. 


Instructor(s) will utilize the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework, which is built on evidence about how learning works. 



Source: James, A. N. (2015). Teaching the Male Brain: How Boys Think, Feel, and Learn in School. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Departmentalized Model Launching Fall 2020