Microschool Design

Boys Lab Microschool, founded in 2017, was purposed to provide an inquiry-based academic program for boys, beginning fourth grade. Boys Lab is committed to continuing to design laboratory classroom models, with an ancillary focus on teacher training, educational research, and providing professional development to urban teachers. Our goal is to provide boys with rigorous instruction that promotes core subject matter learning while also developing social intelligence and leadership skills through collaboration and a broad range of life experiences. 

School-Based Support Programs

Our school-based support programs are a foundational program at Boys Lab. We are committed to providing students with wrap-around services that address the academic and social-emotional needs of boys and young men. SBS includes in-school supports, after school programming, and student mentoring.

Teen Leadership Programs

As a member organization of the National Youth Leadership Council, Boys Lab shares the vision that all young people become civically informed and engaged global citizens by participating in service-learning during their formative years. Our goal is to launch Leading Men, a Leadership Council for male high school students in Spring 2021.