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CICS Longwood Campus 1309 W. 95th St, Chicago, IL 60643

Phone: 312.805.1116

Fax:       312.803.0019

Hackman Hall 304

Email: rglass@chicagointl.org

Summer Reading Challenge

Log in to the student account on Newsela!

Transportation Services

Hudson's Transportation Services

Phone: (773) 440-3114


Kid's Purpose & Plans Transporation 

Phone: (773) 234-9740

Email: kpptransportation@gmail.com

Web: https://www.kpptransporation.com


Order My Steps Transportation

Phone: (773) 870-9652

Email: omstransportation@gmail.com

Web: https://www.ordermystepstransportation.angelfire.com


Tot's Taxi

Phone: (800) 300-7305

Email: totstaxi@gmail.com

Web: https://www.totstaxi.org


Alternative Transporation Options

 GoKid: The App for Kids Carpooling


Save time, carpool with families you know and trust. This award-winning technology makes scheduling and tracking rideshares for your kids to school, sports and other activities easy and secure. Learn more here.

Parent Volunteer Application

Volunteer Programs are intended to provide a streamlined pathway for parents and community members to contribute their valuable time and talents to the learning and enrichment experience of our students. 


If you are seeking Level I or Level II Approval, please visit cpsvolunteers.org. Level I approval is more extensive and takes 2-5 weeks for approval. Level II is for day field study trips and takes approximately one week for approval. Interested parents, please submit your applications as soon as possible, as our first trip is in September 2018. 

Stay Connected with The Lab

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Academic Resources

Otus: The Ultimate Student Profile

Web: https://my.otus.com 


Otus is an innovative learning management system (LMS) for K-12 schools and a powerful tool for viewing student engagement, performance, and growth. Otus incorporates classroom management features, curriculum, and assessment all in one place. We will take attendance, post grades and assignments, communicate with parents, and monitor student progress, all in one place! 


The Bare Necessities: School Supplies for 2018-19

Fifth Grade Scholars should bring: 


Pencil pouch

Blue or black ballpoint pens

No. 2 pencils (traditional or mechanical)

Highlighters (Yellow and Blue)

Eraser tops

2" Three-ring binder

Optional: TI-108 Elementary Calculator ($8.15) Purchase.

Taekwondo Uniform ($12.99-$25.69) Purchase.


The Lab Documentation

Transfer Completion

Please be sure to have your son released from his sending school as soon as possible. Once notified, I will forward the Request for Release of Records. 


Universal Field Study & Medical Information Form

Please be sure to complete your son's transfer from his sending school. Also, complete and submit the Universal Field Study Permission Form and Medical & Emergency Care Form.