Beginning the Journey

Boys Lab is an innovative, three-year cohort, single-sex laboratory classroom, purposed to provide an inquiry-based academic program for boys. Cohorts should range between 15 and 20 scholars. Schools or districts may elect to launch a Lower School Cohort, starting in 3rd-grade, or a Middle School Cohort, starting in 6th-grade. Instructional plans will be tailored for both Lower and Middle School programs. 

Induction Ceremony

Scholars and families will participate in the Boys Lab Induction Ceremony, which is an extraordinary event to mark the formal entry into the cohort learning experience, and will begin the process of formalizing the brotherhood amongst scholars. This program is held in the inaugural year of the cohort. 


At the start of each school year, scholars will participate in Pre-Academy, which consists of Reading and Math diagnostics, Book Club discussions based on summer reading selections, and culminating with Leaders Camp. Pre-Academy is a 9-day academic program that meets for the full academic day. 

Leaders Camp

At the start of each academic year, scholars will participate in the Leaders Camp, which serves as the culminating activity for Pre-Academy. Leaders Camp will help scholars develop a sense of confidence and learn that the goal of leadership is a tool for personal empowerment. They will develop skills and capabilities that include: 1) taking the lead and advocating for themselves and their peers in class, 2) solving problems creatively, and 3) communicating with confidence.